Texas Agent and Adjuster Ethics and Responsibilities
Instructions and General Information

(Online Classroom Equivalent)

This course consists of 15 Study Hours, each of which is broken down into 4 distinct Review Sections.

The requirements of the Texas Department of Insurance are that:
  • WE will present one (1) Review Section at a time to you, letting you progress to subsequent
    Review Sections as you complete each of the corresponding Inquiry Periods.
  • WE will provide for four interactive multiple choice Inquiry Periods during each hour of the course.
  • WE will identify all incorrect responses and inform you of the correct response with an explanation of
    the correct answer.
  • WE will generate a different set of inquiries for the section, which may be repeated as necessary on a
    random or rotating basis if you do not achieve the 70% correct response rate necessary to advance to the next section.
  • WE will have a means to reasonably authenticate your identity on a periodic hourly basis, including
            upon entering, during, and exiting the course.

Furthermore, the requirements of the Texas Department of Insurance are that:
  • YOU must answer 70% of the inquiries correctly for each Inquiry Period to demonstrate mastery of the
    current Review Section before you are allowed by the program to proceed to the next section or complete the course.

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