<% On Error Resume Next RemoteIP="REMOTE_ADDR" 'users gateway ip 'varName="CERT_COOKIE" OCECustomerIP=Request.ServerVariables(RemoteIP) CustID = Request.Cookies("OCECustomerID") 'Response.Cookies("OCECust") = CustID 'Response.Cookies("OCECust").Expires = Date+90 'Response.Cookies("OCECust").Path = "/" 'Response.Cookies("OCECustomerIP") = CustID 'Response.Cookies("OCECustomerIP").Expires = Date+90 'Response.Cookies("OCECustomerIP").Path = "/" Response.Cookies("OCETest") = "TestCookieStored: " & now() Response.Cookies("OCETest").Expires = Date+1 Response.Cookies("OCETest").Path = "/" OCETestRead = Request.Cookies("OCETest") %> OCE: Cookie Test

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<%If OCETestRead="" Then%>

OCETest Cookie Stored and Read Back: Failed!
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OCETest Cookie Stored and Read Back: <%=OCETestRead%>
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